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Text2reach, in the SMS industry since 2009

Mārtiņš Labāns
by Mārtiņš Labāns
2 months ago

Mārtiņš Grandāns and myself, Mārtiņš Labāns, share not only a name, but also an extensive experience in the SMS world. With no doubt we can call ourselves dinosaurs of the SMS industry. Since the beginning of 2000 we have been working on various SMS projects. We met as colleagues in the Scandinavian company Inpoc Latvia, which was later rebranded to Aspiro Latvia. By 2009 the experience we gained inspired us to create our own SMS market player – Text2reach. At the beginning of our existence we were a part of the Draugiem Group that strongly supported and accelerated our development. We remained under their auspices until the end of 2018, facilitating payment and SMS notification solutions for the portal. Meanwhile, we worked to attract our own, external customers to use our services. By the end of 2018 we had reached a point when it was time to part our ways with our dear “mother”. 

Text2reach became an independent company outside the Draugiem Group. Our current portfolio includes customers in 65 countries worldwide. We are proud that our services and quality are valued by customers in Europe and Nordic countries, as well as in Latin America and the Middle East. During 2021, we have sent over 600 million SMS, serving a small car service center in Latvia and the world’s largest social media groups. We are pleased and truly inspired to continue to grow by offering ever new products such as WhatsApp Business solutions and our new Omnichannel Communication Platform. Along with the rapid development in the tech world, we observe a constant increase in volumes of the SMSs sent by companies around the world. 

As a matter of fact, the first SMS was sent on December 3, 1992, which means that the text message will celebrate its 30th anniversary this year. We expect it to exist for at least another 30 exciting years ahead!