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Send SMS or WhatsApp messages to 190 countries.
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WhatsApp & Omnichannel platform
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Omnichannel platform
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To send and receive messages through the WhatsApp API, you need a WhatsApp Business account (EUR 25/month). Additional payments are applicable for each conversation (EUR 0.15).

The number of messages is unlimited. At a fixed price of EUR 0.15 you can send and receive an unlimited number of messages, pictures, videos, and files to one WhatsApp user within 24 hours.

When using the Omnichannel Platform, the fee is calculated for each agent who is working on the platform simultaneously.

Yes! After integrating WhatsApp API into your system, you can use it without the Text2reach Omnichannel Platform. In this case, the only monthly fees are for the WhatsApp business account adding the fee for each conversation.

  • Platform EUR 49 X 3 agents = EUR 147/month
  • WhatsApp Business account EUR 25/month
  • Facebook Messenger and Web chat are included in the monthly platform fee including an unlimited number of conversations
  • WhatsApp conversation cost EUR 0.15 for one 24-hour session

If the WhatsApp conversation continues for more than 24 hours, then another session fee (EUR 0.15) for the next 24 hours is applicable.

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