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SMS Payments

SMS payments are great for online payments with your mobile phone.

Using the service

  • The customer sends SMS with the service code applying increased fee
  • Text2reach processes and transfers information to the merchant via API connection
  • The customer receives a reply SMS from the merchant
  • The mobile operator charges the client
  • Text2reach receives payment from the mobile operator and pays the merchant

SMS payments are great for

  • Online service payments
  • Voting and contest payments
  • Advertisement fees
  • Online game account top-ups
  • Lottery and registration fees
  • Utility meter readings

😎 Convenient and user-friendly

SMS payments are user-friendly and widely used

🔒 Security

Mobile operators are responsible for paying the merchants and their payment security.

🚩 No implementation fee

The service has no implementation or other fees.

💵 Increase your revenue

SMS payments can be an additional revenue stream.

💪 Improve customer relations

Allows customer to pay quickly, easy and at any time.

💰 Receive payments

Text2reach pays the merchants quickly and easily.

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