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SMS messaging

Take advantage of the most widespread messaging tool in the world.

SMS campaign sending tool

WEB-based SMS sending tool. Send SMS campaigns to your customer database, overview delivery reports, and analyse results.

  • Upload and store your customer database numbers
  • Register and use different sender names
  • Multipart SMS with up to 7 parts
  • Set the sending rate and schedule sending for the future
  • Generate and send unique codes
  • Send unique text to each customer
  • Apply “Unsubscribe link” and blacklist
  • Check the WEB sender functionality here

Two-way SMS

Create a two-way SMS communication with your customers.

  • Text2reach provides virtual mobile numbers
  • When sending an SMS campaign, use this number as Sender Name
  • The customer will be able to send a reply SMS

The service is available in Latvia and abroad. To find out if a solution is available in your  preferred destination, contact us
The solution is available using Text2reach Two-way SMS API

SMS API connection

Connect your company’s system to the Text2reach SMS API and create automated SMS sending.

  • View our SMS API functionality here
  • Create a free SMS account, add credits, generate API KEY and start using it straight away
  • Contact us to sign an agreement if you want a postpaid contract
  • API connection does not have a setup or monthly fee – pay only for SMS you send

HLR number verification service

In order to send SMS for currently active numbers, use the Text2reach number verification service. Do not pay for SMS that will not be delivered to inactive numbers. For a single-use database verification service, contact us. If you would like to verify the validity of your customer database on a regular basis, integrate Text2reach HLR number verification service API.

🔒 Security

  • For our customer security, we use filters that prevent the same SMS from being sent several times over the span of 5 minutes.
  • We do not charge for messages that were sent to incorrect numbers.
  • We provide data storage in line with the ISO 27001 certification standard.

📝 Collaboration

💰 Service costs

  • You can see the prices for sending SMS here
  • We apply lower rates when sending over 20000 SMS per month, contact us


Jānis Vanks, Managing Director

“At Drošas Braukšanas Skola we use the integration of SMS messaging to inform our customers about the driving lesson timetables and any changes  effecting our services. The collaboration with Text2reach has helped to improve the quality of DBS’s services and customer experience.”

Mārtiņš Paurs, CCO Telia Latvija

Telia Latvija is a long-term customer of Text2reach. During this cooperation, Text2reach has perfectly demonstrated its service’s quality, reliability, and continuity.

Ģirts Slaviņš, Managing Director

Since 2009 Text2reach has been a loyal partner for Mobilly for SMS notification services. When we develop our business, we always think long-term for both our customers and service providers. We have always been able to rely on SMS solutions provided by Text2reach and the high professionalism of the company’s team.

Andis Sarkans, Business Operations

We are very pleased with our long-term collaboration with Text2reach in the area of sending A2P SMS to foreign countries.
We appreciate the professionalism and fast response from the company employees.

Calculate SMS sending costs

The prices are the same for both the SMS WEB sender and for sending SMS through API. We apply lower rates when sending over 20000 SMS per month, contact our professionals



The cost of SMS depends on the total number of SMS sent within the month as well as on the destination  country. SMS sending prices by country can be viewed here.

There is no limit, but when sending large-scale SMS campaigns the processing speed varies from 10 to 50 SMS per second, depending on the country and the capacity of the mobile operator.

We provide delivery reports for each SMS sent through the Text2reach platform, whether you use our WEB sender or SMS API connection.

Text2reach offers 2 types of collaboration:

Our team is ready to answer any question!

Choose a suitable time and date for a remote conversation with a Text2reach consultant. When you book a time slot for the conversation, you’ll receive a Google calendar invitation with a link for your call in your e-mail. See you soon 😉