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2WAY SMS API documentation

To start using 2WAY SMS you need virtual mobile number.


Mobile Originated (MO) messaging refers to SMS message that originates from a mobile phone.

1. Receive and handle inbound SMS

On a virtual mobile number (VMN)

Inbound SMS messages from a Virtual Mobile Number (VMN) are received through a configured callback URL (configurable per VMN). The message parameters are sent through a GET request.

2. Receive inbound SMS request Parameters

msg_idStringA unique random ID which is created on the Text2Reach platform.
recipientStringThe recipient of the message (the VMN).
originatorStringThe sender of the message.
messageStringThe body of the SMS message.
priceStringIncoming message price

3. Receive inbound SMS request example

4. Receive inbound SMS request Response

Clients platform should always respond with OK in request response body. When our platform doesn’t receive OK response, we will try to deliver the message again (up to 7 times) with increasing time interval.