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WhatsApp Shop

Sell your products or services via WhatsApp!

Your product catalogue on a WhatsApp Business account

  • Sell your products and services through a WhatsApp Business account
  • Chat with the customer at the time of purchase
  • Integrated payments
  • Import product catalogue from a Facebook shop and major e-commerce platforms
  • To use the service you need WhatsApp Business account

Create a WhatsApp shop

  • Contact a Text2reach Team
  • We will help you create a WhatsApp business account
  • Add products to the catalogue
  • Import a product catalogue from an existing e-shop or Facebook catalogue

As a part of the service, Text2reach will register your company’s mobile, landline, three-digit, four-digit, or 800 number as a WhatsApp Business number.

👦🏼 👧🏼 2 billion WhatsApp users

With over 100 billion messages being sent a day, WhatsApp is the most popular social media platform worldwide.

📱 Mobile first

Make the whole customer journey as easy as possible for the ever-growing group of mobile users.

👍🏼 Convenience

Enhance the customer experience by being quick, convenient and user-friendly with WhatsApp.

📈 Another sales channel

You don’t have to stop trading goods or services on existing platforms, you can add WhatsApp as an additional channel.

📚 Product catalogue import

Product  catalogues import from Shopify, Magneto, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, CommerceHub and other major platforms.

🕙 A WhatsApp shop in 60 minutes

If you already have an internet shop, you can import products to WhatsApp in an hour.

Catalog + shopping cart + payment = order

Show your potential customers the catalog of your new collection through WhatsApp. The open rate of WhatsApp is 99%, compared with 22% for email. So if you want to get your customers’ attention, WhatsApp is the way!

Our team is ready to answer any question!

Choose a suitable time and date for a remote conversation with a Text2reach consultant. When you book a time slot for the conversation, you’ll receive a Google calendar invitation with a link for your call in your e-mail. See you soon 😉