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WhatsApp API

Connect your company’s system to the Text2reach WhatsApp API and automate the message sending process. The service requires a WhatsApp Business number.

Advantages of WhatsApp API

  • Automated messaging
  • Opportunity to use the largest communication channel in the world
  • Integration into any of company’s systems
  • Send and receive messages
  • Cost savings – pay a fixed fee for a 24-hour conversation session

Using WhatsApp Business

  • As part of the service, Text2reach will register your company’s mobile, landline, three-digit, four-digit, or 800 number as a WhatsApp Business number.
  • WhatsApp conversation has a fixed fee for 24 h communication with each user
  • If the company initiates the interaction, the message text must be registered with Meta in advance
  • If the client initiates the interaction, it doesn’t have to be registered.

🌏 Globl reach

Use the largest communication channel in the world.

💡 Save money

For lively communication, the WhatsApp business solution is cheaper than SMS.

💪 Improve communication with customers

A great way to  exchange messages and get feedback from customers.

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