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Send SMS – easy and simple – using the system

Liene Dzīvīte
by Liene Dzīvīte
4 months ago

Sending SMS messages, reminders or pin codes using Text2reach self-service is easy and simple. You can reach thousands of customers in a minutes.

You have two options how to use Text2reach SMS messaging system:

  1. Sign Up online, connect your payment card and start sending messages now
  2. Contact us to sign post-payment contract and get access to messaging account

Regardless of prepaid or postpaid account, you can send sms:

  1. Using WEB SMS sender
  2. Use SMS Messaging API

User manual and description of features you can download here or check it out below:

Sign Up and Sign in the system
Creating profile
Top up in case of pre-payment account
Adding contacts for your SMS campaign
Choosing sender name. Company details before payment.
Creating SMS text
Creating SMS text
Features for your SMS campaign
SMS sending speed and your contact groups
Reports of sent SMS campaigns