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The Text2Reach API is a RESTful API that uses HTTP and SMPP communication protocols.
The API can be used to connect your online store to operators for direct access to operators, which offers the fastest delivery.
Simple, but powerful enough to integrate solution for sending SMS messages in you service. This solution can be integrated into any web solution or system to perform automatic SMS message sending.

  • simple and easy to integrate in the system;
  • powerful;
  • variety to send different types of SMS messages;
  • reports for delivery.

SMS messages are sent through your script that generates demand call: https://api.text2reach.com/sms/send?api_key=XXXXX&phone=YYYYY&from=ZZZZZ&message=Test, through which are sent by SMS messages.

This type of solution uses WEB applications, games, social networks, lending institutions, debt collection companies.

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Premium API
The easiest way to integrate SMS payments on your system!

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SMPP SMS is an industry standard that is capable of providing a continuous connection to the supplier and stable high speed deivery. This solution is designed for companies that sends a very large number of SMS messages every minute.

  • the industry standard;
  • fast;
  • powerful;
  • processing large volumes of SMS messages at the small amount of time.

To start using SMPP, you need:
  • external solution with SMPP support;
  • a separate server to install the solution;
  • SOCKET programming skills and ability to work with binary data (bits and bytes).

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You can thereby target errant numbers and clean your list to reduce your expenses. HRL Lookup will show you who's roaming, so that you're not unnecessary contacting traveling customers.

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