Enterprise Cloud Communications

The way to engage your customers

+800 Service
Guaranteed Data Security and Delivery
Constant availability
Backup servers for stability
99% uptime
Reliable and durable
Timely delivery and reporting
Real time delivery reports and delivery within 15 sec.
Web SMS Message
A2P solution that will let you quickly and efficiently connect to your subscribers.
Be it for two-step authentication, traveling, SMS marketing,
this is your best choice way to access masses of imported contacts.
web sms message sender
API integration
Automatization, REST, HTTP and SMPP API protocols.
messaging api integration
Number validation
services HLR lookup
Identify invalid numbers, clean them from your list and reduce your costs.
See which operator the number currently belongs to, and which numbers
are roaming.
number validation services
2WAY messaging
/ virtual numbers
Interact with your customers with 2 way messaging.
You'll be provided with a virtual number, so that your customers
can send you sms messages.
2way messaging

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