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I sent message but the status shows NO STATUS, what does it mean?
This means that message have been submitted for delivery to telecom operator but final status about delivery has not been received yet. Usually delivery takes just around 7-10 seconds, status is being updated as soon as it has been received from telecom operator. NO STATUS also is shown in cases when the mobile number you are trying to send message is not reachable / device is switched off in this case status will stay at pending state up to 24h after if there will no be successful delivery, status will be set UNDELIVERED.
What time zone does Text2Reach use in its messaging reports?
The date and time showing in our reports corresponds to UTC/GMT +2 hours
How Long is a Single SMS body?
The maximum SMS body length is 140 bytes, which equates to 160 GSM-encoded characters (7 bits each) or 70 unicode-encoded characters (2 bytes each).
Why SMS is being delivered with sender name INFOSMS instead of the numeric sender name I sent it?
In some countries there are telecom operator restrictions on numeric sender names and Person to person traffic. In this cases we are replacing numeric sender name with something commonly used like INFOSMS to ensure message delivery to end user.
Why has my SMS been delivered multiple times?
The most common reason for multiple deliveries are:
Non-communication of the initial response from the handset on the first attempt at delivery by the supplier. When no response is received this triggers retries on the SMSC level of our operator-partner. As you have noticed the delivery is duplicated we can conclude that the handset actually did receive the submissions but the acknowledgement failed to reach the SMSC. This will most likely have been caused by a communication error in an inter-operator signalling level, which in rare cases may result in multiple delivery.
This issue can usually be solved by restarting the handset.
Destination number format
The criteria for destination numbers in international format are as follows:
- No leading "+"
- No leading "00"
- Start with the country code
- Maximum length of an international originator is 15 digits
Will I be charged for rejected messages?
Text2Reach will charge for any message placed for delivery after your request has passed initial sanity checks within the Text2Reach platform, regardless of its final delivery status.

We don't charge if a message request is rejected by our platform, which might happen due to:
- Exceeding maximum throughput
- Incorrect api key
- Insufficient credit in your account
- Invalid destination (country code and prefix are not found in our database)
- Missing required parameters (from, to, message body, api key)

We have to charge you if message is accepted by our platform and forwarded to the carrier, even if the message fails to be delivered or is rejected by our carriers due to:
- Phone is unreachable
- Phone is on roaming service
- Destination number is no longer assigned to a user
- Exceeding maximum throughput for the local carrier
- Message was caught in spam filter, etc.
Does Text2Reach need to whitelist my originating IP?
Text2Reach does require whitelisting your originating IP. We will validate your bind request based on your system-id, password and IP address.
The following error codes are those that may be returned by the Text2Reach SMPP servers:
000 Success
100 Unknown subscriber
101 Invalid destination address
102 Invalid message length
103 Invalid sender name or sender name not available
104 Account out of funds
105 Filtered by flood filter
106 Filtered by spam filter
107 Filtered by blacklist
108 Routing to specific network is not available
109 Multipart message wait timeout
110 Invalid validity period
200 HLR: Absent subscriber
201 HLR: Call barred
202 HLR: Tele Service Not Provisioned
203 HLR: HLR abort
500 Account disabled
999 System error
As an additional security measure, SMPP over SSL is an option. If you would like to use SMPP over SSL activated account please contact us to support@text2reach.com
Which SMPP version is supported?
Text2Rach SMPP API supports SMPP version 3.4. Download protocol specs at API & DOCS section ( https://www.text2reach.com/docs/ )
How to read a Text2Reach SMPP Delivery Receipt?
SMPP delivery receipts take the following format:
id:IIIIIIIIII! sub:001! dlvrd:001! submit! date:YYMMDDhhmm! done! date:YYMMDDhhmm!stat:DDDDDDD!err:EEE!Text:

id - the message ID allocated to the message, can be in decimal or hexadecimal depending on your account configuration
sub - the number of short messages originally submitted
dlvrd - the number of short messages delivered
submit date - the date and time at which the short message was submitted in YYMMDDhhmm
done date - the date and time at which the short message reached its final state in YYMMDDhhmm
stat - the final status of the message
err - SMPP error code
text - none

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