Web SMS sender

What is the SMS sender?

Use our tool to schedule text messages - whether it be bulk campaigns with thousands of recipients or a few reminders to your clients.

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SMS Sender features

24 / 7 / 365 access to service

We are open anytime, anywhere!

Real time reporting abount campaigns

You can detailed statistic about your campaigns as soon as it has started

Campaign scheduler

Schedule future campaigns and just check result later

Full control of speed

You decide weather 1,10,15.. sms per minute or go full speed

Dynamic fields

You can send personalized messages using tags on the message body, and it will be replaced with your specified info.

Contact groups

Make as many contact groups you like


Save your most commonly used text templates for more faster campaign set up!


Add contacts to BLACKLIST if the user does not want to receive messages from you.
How you can use the Web
SMS Sender:
  • inform clients about upcoming sales or discounts
  • send reminders for appointments: doctor's, dentist's, hairdresser's, etc.
  • send delivery information for goods or services
  • send reminders for unpaid invoices or payment confirmation
  • direct download links for iOS or Android apps
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